LEICHT is a top company in this segment and one of the leaders in designing and installation of kitchen cabinets. They have more than 80-year history of manufacturing kitchen cabinets and their using of the latest technology and materials results in 100% customer satisfaction.


Italian exhausts hoods and extractor hoods with long manufacturing history.


Naše dlhoročné skúsenosti a spolupráca s nemeckými výrobcami nám umožnili po dohode s najväčším nemeckým výrobcom kuchynských liniek začať našim klientom vyrábať kuchynské linky pod našou značkou BLOCK kuchen. BLOCK kuchen sú určené náročným klientom, ktorí požadujú precíznosť a čistý dizajn, ale kuchynskú linku neplánujú navždy .

Elica brand is synonymous with the world of ideas such as efficiency, innovation and design of cooker hoods. Over the last 35 years more than 35 million families around the world have chosen Elica product for help to control the quality of the environment in their kitchen.


BORA Professional brings professional cooking into your home. BORA hob with cooker hood removes fumes directly and is therefore more effective and more energy efficient than traditional hoods.


Exclusive-hoods GUTMANN is the European market leader in high-quality range hood for home and enjoys the confidence of the best kitchen sellers. Hoods GUTMANN are unique, individually planned and order-made for customers. They are the result of progressive ideas, a consistent orientation on performance, aesthetic sense and meet the diverse demands of modern life.



Top German built-in appliances.


For more than 150 years, Siemens has stood for the concept of inventive spirit of openness to the world and customer orientation. Household appliances have always been one of the principal areas of the firm. And nowadays Siemens is the world famous brand not only in this field.


AEG company was founded in Germany more than a hundred years ago with a simple idea: everything that we propose should be as perfect in design as well as function.


Bosch is a leading brand of refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens and other household appliances. "It is better to lose money than trust" - the words of the founder Robert Bosch brand are still the credo of all business activities.


Miele is a German manufacturer of high quality electrical equipment for the care of the laundry, dishes and disinfection. Washing machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, hot plates, coffee makers and other Miele products are exported all over the world.


Over 70-year experience of manufacturing sinks, the widest range of products, continuous investment in innovation and material production, quality, functionality and an unmistakable sense of design, Franke ranks among the world's leading manufacturers.


Blanco Company was founded as a family business in 1925. Since its inceptionit specialized in processing stainless steel materials and manufacturing equipment for gastronomy. The main ideas are the company's commitment to create innovative, yet functional highest quality products at the same time, that promotes their products‘ quality service and care for the environment.


Firmu Liebherr založil Hans Liebherr v roku 1949 v meste Kirchdorf an der Iller v Nemecku, svoje aktivity rozširoval aj do iných európskych krajín, napr. do Švajčiarska, Rakúska a mnohých ďalších, medzi inými aj do Českej republiky. Spoločnosť vyrába chladničky, ale aj ďalšie spotrebiče, čím vytvára veľmi širokú a ucelenú ponuku. Táto ponuka je určená nie len do domácností, ale aj pre profesionálne využitie.



Marca Corona was founded in 1741. It is the oldest ceramic factory and quickly became the most important by the Duchy of Este. In the mid-nineteenth century it began exporting its products and in 1889 started production of dry-pressed tiles.


The leading portuguese manufacturer Love Ceramic Tiles was established in May 2008, replacing the brand Novagres. This new project offers a new concept of marketing focused on communication and marketing policy.


ABK produces porcelain tiles for kitchens and bathrooms. Whether you are a lover of traditional, modern design or vice versa, in a wide range of high-end Italian products ABK you are sure to find your favorites. Currently, the company ABK is globally recognized as a leader of Italian ceramics. Our goal is to create a lasting relationship between the customer and our partners based on mutual trust.


Marazzi the Italian company is currently the European leader in the production of ceramic tiles. In its range, you can find more than five thousand products from all kinds of manufacturing technologies and surface treatments. Marazzi believes customers for major trading partners, thus trying to achieve their maximum satisfaction by offering a wide range of quality wall and floor tiles for home or for business.


One of major manufacturers of porcelain in the world. They offer wide selection of dining sets, interior accessories as well as variety of bathroom accessories – from showers, sinks, toilets to bath tubs, saunas and mini pools. They also offer wide range of tiles in many colors and finishes.


Traditional manufacturer of ceramic and porcelain tiles Peronda earned by right an excellent reputation among customers, suppliers and other manufacturers of paving. Technological and aesthetic avant-garde, the emphasis on product quality and the environment - all can be found in any of a wide range of Italian products.


Our new exclusive brand My Bath brings to you the best selling, the most attractive and the highest quality from the world of bathrooms. You'll find the worlds' brands, designer panelling and a wide range of bathroom applications for the best prices in our new My Bath catalogue from now on.


Atlas Concorde je globálny špecialista na prvotriedne porcelánové a obkladové dlaždice pre každý štýl a aplikáciu v rezidenčnej, obchodnej a verejnej architektúre. Globálni odborníci hovoria, že má vynikajúcu úroveň dizajnu a technológie na každom type povrchu, čo umožňuje vždy návrhárom a koncovým používateľom najlepšie riešenie pre každú aplikáciu.

Atlas Concorde je veľkým hráčom v celom priemysle keramických dlaždíc a jednou z najdôležitejších a najsilnejších firiem na celom svete. Jeho poslaním je poskytovať dizajnérom interiérov, architektom a najnáročnejším zákazníkom keramické riešenia vhodné pre každú destináciu používania, zabezpečujúca estetický vzhľad, ktorý je v súlade s potrebami trhu a súčasne ich kombinuje s vynikajúcim technickým výkonom.


Apavisa porcelanico je najväčším výrobcom obkladov a dlažieb pre komerčné účely s vysokou kvalitou technického porcelánu.

Zariadenie apavisa porcelanico spája schopnosti vysoko technicky kvalifikovaných pracovníkov a najmodernejších technológií s plochou nad 250 000 m2.



A unique combination of technical excellence, a wide range of products and exclusive designs. All of these features will impress you emotionally when showering, bathing or just washing your hands with Hansgrohe faucets. Hansgrohe have not only earned a worldwide attention with their work but award for exceptional timeless design of its products.


Axor Hansgrohe is a luxury division, producing extraordinary collections of faucets for exceptional bathrooms. In the Axor brand philosophy, your bathroom has its place as well, as all the other areas of life, their special requirements. Bathroom is now changing from a functional space just for hygiene, into the place of relaxation, contemplation and respite from bustling modern world.


Grohe faucets will provide most functional comfort. This is embodied in revolutionary products combining the high level of quality, design and technology. Throughout its seventy year-history, the brand continuously built reputation for unparalleled quality, exceptional design and technology to impress. Grohe products unite form with function, guaranteeing perfect water flow and provide unique experiences with water.


It has become a trend that industrial manufacturer now produce rubber boots and tomorrow mobile phones. Kludi Company consciously builds against this trend. We improve ourselves in the development, design and manufacture of kitchen and bathroom fittings. Our products combine craft perfectionism, high levels of functionality and design that reflects the demands of timeless architecture.


Bathroom furniture

Jacuzzi is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of whirlpools, known worldwide for its quality products and innovative technology. Jacuzzi can show you ancient traditions in hot springs. It offers a variety of affordable whirlpools that will fit your lifestyle and your financial budget.


During its long, almost two hundred years of history, Duravit helped push groundbreaking ideas and innovations that have led to many variables in the bathroom until their current form. Today it offers bathtubs, showers, sinks, faucets, tubs, whirlpools and hydromassage bathtubs, toilets, bidets, bathroom furniture and accessories, thus everything that the a modern - aesthetic, but fully functional - bathroom needs.


Czech company Le Bon offers carefully designed bathroom furniture that meets strict aesthetic and practical criteria. Cabinets, drawers, mirror cabinets and other products from the production of Le Bon are well and properly processed. From conservative minimalism by vibrant colors, for maximum comfort and plenty of storage space, to aesthetically pleasing and practically functional - Bathroom Le Bon.


One of major manufacturers of porcelain in the world. They offer wide selection of dining sets, interior accessories as well as variety of bathroom accessories – from showers, sinks, toilets to bath tubs, saunas and mini pools. They also offer wide range of tiles in many colors and finishes.


Keuco for more than five decades of its existence did not depart from its main objective - to create increasingly sophisticated and refined solutions that make the time spent in the bathroom always a pleasant experience. Keuco offers a complete range of bathroom furniture, including bathroom furniture, fixtures, or mirrors.


Czech manufacturer of quality bathroom accessories, mirrors, shelves, grab bars, fixtures and towel bars


This is German manufacturer of bathroom shelves, grab bars, bathroom accessories, mirrors, fixtures and towel bars.


Baths and showers

A company with over thirty years of experience in the development and manufacture of shower enclosures with the current design, tracking the latest trends and high quality products, long-lasting products and excellent customer service has earned the position as a major global player in the market for sanitary ware.


HÜPPE – a German manufacturer of shower enclosures and boxes, shower screens with more than 60 years of experience. Shower HÜPPE is an oasis of tranquility amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday. Discover opportunities that the sanitary ware HÜPPE offers for bath and for the soul. Whether it's an individual shower, convenient solution Walk-in or slip shower tray - for every wish and interior configuration we have the solution.


Kaldewei manufactures baths since its inception, bringing to the market a revolutionary change. Also thanks to this the brand was honored as The Brand of The Century. Modern design with timelessly elegant colors, sense of style, harmony of shapes and materials, harmony aesthetics and practical use of space, innovative technology, production and processing of natural raw materials and only quality products are enamelled to fulfill the philosophy of Kaldewei company.


The german brand Bette is always a good choice. Offering more than 500 kinds of high quality bathtubs and shower trays made of enamelled steel, various forms of different colors and offers almost unlimited opportunities to address each requirement.


Interior furniture

Cattelan Italia - one of the most famous Italian furniture manufacturers. The company was founded in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan. Cattelan Italia makes ​​dining tables, chairs, coffee tables, and components such as TV stands, cabinets etc. Cattelan Italia is the perfect choice for lovers of modern and timeless design.


History Calia Italia begins with its founder - Liborio Vincenzo Cali, a skilled master carpenter, began in 1965 to create and produce sofas. In his own words, a sofa has to be an exceptional piece of furniture, where you will find rest, dream, and pleasant conversation. Cali Italia gets inspiration from the real beauty of the country from which it originates. Pleasant shapes, attention to detail, functionality and design are key attributes of the seats and interior accessories Calia Italia.


Taliansky výrobca ponúka dizajnový pohľad a čisté línie svojich vstavaných skríň, šatníkov, obývacích zostáv, jedální, knižníc a postelí.


Calligaris was founded due to his passion for wood. The company was founded in 1923 by Antonio Calligaris. This family-owned company designs, produces and distributes chairs, tables, beds, sofas, storage devices and accessories. Every day Calligaris works with passion, creativity and care to provide the best of Italian design.


Philosophy is based on high quality processing of aluminum, which is a basic material for the production of furniture. Design, research, development and innovation of new shapes and materials created from INDECASA internationally in contemporary furniture design leader in aluminum.


Glass is a fascinating material that company Sovet transforms into various shapes, colors and glare, in the original, charming and functional products for the home and office. For Sovet the glass transition in a stylish and functional desk is an exciting journey full of ideas, innovation and artistic expression.


Art Leather - a company with more than two decades' experience in the manufacturing of furniture and upholstered leather home furnishings. Wide range of products - upholstered chairs, armchairs, sofas, modern contemporary interior design by architects. Dynamic, flexible structure allows the company to adapt to the requirements of our clients - and our furniture are custommade. We use years of proven, high-quality materials produced directly in Italy.


Modern design of Pedrali tables and chairs, along with affordable prices allow the company access to a variety of market sectors. Research and development are the basic principles. Sustained cooperation with qualitfied residential architects and with customers themselves guarantees fresh, stylish and practical ideas.


Divadivani is an Italian manufacturer of seats.


Italian manufacturer offers fresh, cheerful and modern design of their living room sets, dining sets, wardrobes, book shelves and beds.





Wallpapers are a simple, inexpensive, and effective way to create an original interior. For over one hundred years the German company develops high Rasch wallpaper in the series of unique innovative designs. Every year, news come on the market corresponding to the global design trends. From classic photo- wallpapers - A wide variety of wallpapers Rasch gives you countless possibilities to create a unique environment - the harmony of walls, furniture and accessories.


Variations, the word directly defining the wallpapers by the Belgian company Omexco. Variations of materials (fiberglass pulp, bamboo, sisal ...) variations of styles (disco, soft unobtrusive style classic, ethnic, retro ...), variations of motifs (flora, geometry, ornaments, modern rustic ...), simply variations of wallpapers woven and non-woven textiles.


Casamance is inspired by the classics. This modern and exclusive look is the result of the selection of materials and craftsmanship. Casamance creates unexpected combinations and always comes up with new and original solutions.



Lush flowering plants can bring a lot of joy in your life. For anyone who wants to enjoy a calming view of the beautiful live plants and also does not have enough time to devote to gardening, the company has the perfect solution Lechuza - Luxury Self-watering pots that combine function with design. Simple and clean shapes will adorn your home and garden, and at the same time can make your job of caring for the plants.


Three decades ago it was founded by designer Yvonne Schubkegel ASA Selection. Today the company has presence in markets in eighty countries. The company's success is rooted in the philosophy of "pure shapes and colors." Ceramic and serving tea sets, coffee cups, plates, vases, kitchenware, textiles and other decorations are not mass production, but the handmade home accessories representing modern design for the home.


One of major manufacturers of porcelain in the world. They offer wide selection of dining sets, interior accessories as well as variety of bathroom accessories – from showers, sinks, toilets to bath tubs, saunas and mini pools. They also offer wide range of tiles in many colors and finishes.



Kährs of Sweden is one of Europe's leading producers of high quality wood floors. One of the oldest, as well as the most innovative companies in its field. The floors of this company you can discover in ordinary homes and offices, shops, hotels, concerthalls and theater halls in sports arenas from China to USA.


Belgian manufacturer of quality wooden floors.


Witex maintains one of the leading places among suppliers of hard flooring and laminate flooring. Witex talks with their customers and respects worldwide trends in furniture and interior design, so it can bring forth a floor that perfectly promotes harmony and style of your home.


Wineo® predstavuje novú generáciu podláh, ktorá zaručuje výnimočnú pružnosť a odolnosť dielcov či exkluzívne dekory. Profi PVC podlahy nemeckej firmy wineo prekonajú Vaše predstavy o dokonalej podlahe.








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