Preparing a project of kitchen, bathroom or interior is the most important phase of the whole process. It is very important not to underestimate it, either during drafting a project of a new space or in case of simple remodeling. Quality project will help you to avoid many potential complications during final execution. Our interior studio offers professionals and specialist, who will give you an advice how to select materials, technologies and furniture items. We will always consider your views and your requirements. We will propose the most appropriate construction solution and will prepare an idea design. Subsequently visualization will be done. Selected variant will be further adjusted according to your suggestions and the whole project will be prepared for execution.

It is very important to realize, that you want to create or recreate your life space – the space where you spend a lot of time alone or with your family. It’s a space, where you should feel comfortable and nothing should disturb you. That’s why don’t be afraid to let us know your most secret desires, which might seem extreme at first glimpse or any non-conventional requirements. During the whole process – from evaluation of building and project documentation through measuring of the real space, visualization and project preparation, price estimate, contract drafting to final execution – we will always try to accommodate your vision.

Design – kitchens


Design - bathrooms

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Design - interiors

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Návrhy – Exteriéry a domy

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Návrhy – detské izby

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